Landon Brands is a cinematographer, gaffer, and filmmaker based in Los Angeles and traveling worldwide. A broad base of experience helps him to stay fresh and create consistently powerful work for people who seek to change the world.

With a well-rounded background in commercial and narrative filmmaking, he crafts visual stories that captivate the eye, engage the mind, and touch the heart. His Midwestern work ethic has earned him credits for hundreds of clients including Paramount Pictures, Google Fiber, Sonic, Medtronic, Magnolia, American Express, Listerine, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, Fossil, and other national brands and opportunities to work with a growing list of noteworthy indivduals:

Carmelo Anthony
Sue Bryce
Stephen Curry
Viola Davis
Zooey Deschanel
Andy Serkis
James Harden
Mayor Hawthorne
Jordan Smith
Chuck Swindoll

Landon is excited to help people, nonprofits, and companies tell stories that matter.

At eight years old, Landon picked up a VHS camcorder. He was soon sitting in on local news broadcasts, and then learning how to shoot and edit MiniDV tape, long before the dawn of YouTube. A decade ago, his first narrative short film, “The Perspective of Love,” sold out its premiere, succeeded financially, and went on to DVD and festivals all over the nation. Having since dedicated a decade to the deliberate practice of lighting and cinematography on hundreds of sets, he continues his journey in Los Angeles, growing every day alongside the best craftspeople in the world.  His original YouTube series “Both Sides” reached into the tens of millions of views, featuring the future “Jake from State Farm.”

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